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Mimosa Time

I thought that the orange flavor was ok. I have to try the other flavors

Classic Bellini
Peach Bellini's are AMAZING!

I have tried several of the new seltzers and wine spritzers coming out. This by far is the best I have had. The peach taste is there but not too strong so you get to taste the sparkling wine as well. Will DEFINITELY be stocking up on the Peach!! Give it a try, if you like Peach Bellini's from fancy restaurants, you will LOVE these!!

My favorite

This one is my favorite for sure. Helps me get in the mood for summer!

I bought more immediately.

As a mimosa connoisseur, I give these a 13/10. I repurchased immediately. They are everything I want in a cool beverage.

Love It!!!!

I love it, the classic and the cranberry are my favorite!!!!

My New Favorite Hoodie

This is my new favorite hoodie. It is the perfect weight and I love that the collar doesn't strangle me like other pullovers.

Surprisingly yummy!

First time trying these and was super impressed along with all of my guests. Perfect way to serve a mimosa covid style and we loved them! Classic and mango were super yummy and so was the peach Bellini!

It was really good!🧡🥂

OHZA Mango and Cranberry Variety Pack

We enjoyed the different flavors in the mimosas included in the variety packs. We especially enjoyed the mango and cranberry mimosas, They were refreshing and unique.

Little more flavor

Could have used a little more of mango, peach and orange flavors in each type.

Pleasantly surprised

I was unsure about how this would taste coming out of a can. By far it surpassed my expectations. I will order again.

Happy Customer

I am very pleased with your products.I just got some info that my local grocer is now carrying your products which is very convenient for me.I will definetly be buying these again.

Love it

Great taste. Love every flavor. Will order again for sure.

Fun to try

These are all pretty tasty (Cranberry, Bellini & Mimosa) and I liked that they weren’t overly sweet, but unless I was purchasing them for an event (like a brunch, bridal shower, etc) I would probably not them purchase again.


Love these. Classic and Bellini. Delicious and so convenient. I buy them st Wegmans (grocery store). Your prices are too high to order for delivery.

Off the chain!!!

Refreshing with an amazing crisp blended taste. I'm straight up hooked on the cranberry! You have to try this stuff!

The Bellini Bomb

It's great. I love the flavor. I get a nice little buzz but not too much. Very refreshing.

Awesome product

Love these mimosas!!

Getting My Own Supply

Tried these at a party, liked them so much I'm here for my own supply. Thank you!

Great treat

Loved the convience of a treat in a can, ready at anytime and it tastes good too!

Just okay.

Mango was a little sweet for me. I will stick w the classic! They are my fav!!!

Classic Mimosa

Easy for a quick drink w/o the hassle

I like these mimosas. They almost taste homemade, almost. If i were to criticize one thing, I would say use a better quality sparkling wine so that the mimosa is a bit more fizzy. Rarely do I finish any drink that comes from a can, but I have no problem finishing these.

Great taste

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