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Refreshing Prize

Ohza Mimosas are a refreshing surprise delivered to your front door. I prefer the classic Mimosas. I definitely will order again or send as a gift

Good Stuff, mango mimosa

This is a drink I will enjoy in the summer while boating. Flavorful but light and refreshing.


Mango Mimosa

I love it!

Smooth and delicious

This is my second flavor I’ve tried and it is my favorite so far compared to the traditional orange juice flavor. It’s super smooth and delicious.


Love the Mango. They’re sweet and sour so if you like that flavor order some. You won’t be disappointed.

First timer

Had to order online because they don’t sell in San Diego. Each can was a lovely treat for a week long relaxing vacation with my bestie! Will order more soon!

Ohza variety pack

It seems like all of the Ohza are smooth and taste good. The best I would pick is the Belini!! You also can't go wrong with the original as well.

Cranberry Variety Pack


I found these online when searching for a different way to do a champagne toast in our photos at our camping elopement coming up. My order was damaged during shipping before getting to me and was sent back, but customer service was amazing and sent out a replacement right away. I just received the replacement order and cracked one open...they. are. SO. GOOD! I’m so glad somebody thought to put mimosas in a can. Brilliant. We will definitely be ordering again! Thank you so much!


Loved them all!

light and refreshing

good all by itself and as a mixer unlimited possibilities.


Always my go-to drink. Love Ohza!

Mango Variety Pack

All Flavor Variety 32 Pack

Treat yourself

These are awesome! I’m a repeat customer. Do yourself a favor and try these.


Loved the three flavors

I love the Cranberry Mimosa! It is delicious and refreshing!

The cranberry mimosa

Well this thing's delicious. Just take my money, will ya???

Cranberry Variety Pack

Cran Mosa

Love these on a good morning or whenever you just need them. They taste great and the ratio is on point. Easy to pack and carry on trips.

Delicious love them

Delicious love them

Liked the cranberry best!

Liked It!

Tasted exactly as I expected it to. Quite refreshing!

So Delish!!!

So good and refreshing and light, I love this stuff I just ordered 2 more cases!

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