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Frozen Peach Ginger Bellini

Are you looking for the perfect drink to transition from summer to fall? Are you tired of the same old mixed drinks?  Look no further. 


Ginger syrup

Frozen Ginger Peach Bellini

1⁄4 Cup Sugar

1⁄4 Cup Water

1 (3-inch) Piece Ginger Root

1 Bag Frozen Peaches

1⁄2 Cup Orange Liqueur

1⁄2 Cup Ginger Syrup

4 Cans Ohza Classic Bellini

Peach slices


Ginger Simple Syrup: 

  1. Add sugar, water, and ginger pieces to a small saucepan
  2. Heat until sugar has dissolved
  3. Let cool completely and strain out ginger pieces. Set aside.

Frozen Bellinis 

  1. Add frozen peaches, orange liqueur, ginger syrup and Ohza Classic Bellini to a blender
  2. Puree until smooth
  3. Pour into champagne glasses and garnish with peach slices

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